Paleo Pals® are not just logical; they’re PALEONTOLOGICAL!


What On Earth Are Paleo Pals®?



Paleo Pals® are long overdue astonishing ancient animals, made for every aspiring scientist, both young and old. These huggable 20-inch prehistoric creatures are lovingly designed with data from original fossils, gathered from painstaking research, and delivered to you as a cuddly plush toy.


Each animal represents an important, yet oddball, species in the rock record that has been overlooked by pop culture. These plush toys exemplify educational play while maintaining a high degree of scientific accuracy, and most importantly FUN! Paleo Pals® are great for classrooms, rock hounds, and budding paleontologists alike!




Why Do Peculiar Fossils Matter?





Dinosaurs have a special place in the hearts of every five-year-old; inspiring imagination, awe, and wonder. But these perceived “dragons” of the past are so poorly represented in Hollywood blockbusters, that they are portrayed as something they are not. Due to the “monster image” that is deeply ingrained in our culture, it is clear that public understanding of these animals is fundamentally stained. It is time to introduce the world to the remarkable science of PALEONTOLOGY!


Where better to start than by encouraging science education with amazing unheard-of fossil creatures?


Despite the mighty T-Rex’s monopoly in our collective thoughts, Earth’s prehistory is grander and weirder than anything we could imagine. There were monstrosities in the Cambrian Period so odd that they looked like they came from an alien planet! In an age before the dinosaurs, there were beasts so bizarre, that it is hard to believe they were actually related to you and I! This is why Paleo Pals® showcases these amazing creatures, to share the complete and wonderful story of Earth’s history.